Tacky queen is tacky.

Here’s my big issue with darling Alisa- last season, Alexis Mateo got read for filth by the judges for her use of her fake titties. They made it pretty clear that they don’t like the fake rubber titties. With that knowledge in mind, why the hell would you center your first look around your fake rubber titties???

If I was cast as a contestant in a reality show competition, the first thing I would do would be to sit down and watch every fucking episode of that show (even the gazillion seasons of Top Model, because for the kind of money these shows shell out for prizes, I’m more than willing to watch Tyra Banks lose her shit about smizing every five seconds). I would have a notepad and write down every major criticism the judges make. I would watch for their pet peeves, the stuff they love, the stuff they hate and write it all down. If I was cast to be on RPDR, at the very top of my list, underlined and in bold letters, would be “DON’T FUCKING WEAR A BREASTPLATE”. 

I don’t care how much a queen loves her breastplate- the judges have made it pretty clear, time and time again, that they think they’re hella tacky. If you’re a queen and think that you absolutely have to have your brestplate, then you have more money than sense because a) those things are pretty damn expensive, and b) if your act hinges on fake rubber titties, then you’re a fake ass queen with no talent. Biological women with fake breasts look fake, and men dressed like women with fake breasts look even faker. End of story.

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